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07 May 2009


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Benjamin McCall

Is it not amazing how quickly the time passes!
Mine is only 16 months old and it has gone by like it was a month. So many more memories to cherish!

Nordette aka Verite

Oh, my! I read this and teared up. This is such a beautiful post, Barbara. Thank you for giving me the link at BlogHer. :-)

John Didrichsen

What a beautifully-written post Barbara.
I remember that same grandmother who interred our father in a backyard in Nyack telling me something I'll never forget. As I was changing the diaper of my firstborn daughter, she walked up to me and said, "Oh, Johnny, remember: she is not yours. You've been given this time with her, but she doesn't belong to you."
How right she was.
So now we're relegated to leaving the porchlight on...
Your bro JJ

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