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15 July 2009


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Ute Hagen

Hi Barb, this is a great post and so incredibly true. I really don't think that managers who sent employees into 'early retirement' really understand what this means. It's a hard journey, but you are right, it happens to us as we have grown wise enough to deal with it.


Thanks, Yvonne and Paula. Yvonne, I'm buried in work, but hope to dig out in a week or two and catch up with all my BlogHer contacts! Hope to stay in touch with you.

Paula G

wow, wow, and wow. Thanks for sharing this & thanks for Yvonne for pointing me here. I must now seek out this movie indeed. If we ignore the calling...we die inside and the world gets a little dimmer, less rich.

Yvonne DiVita

Barb, so glad I met you at Blogher. You have much to offer - to share - to help the rest of us become all that we are, all that we want to be, all that the Fates have created us to be. Thank you for this post. I speaks volumes - in a language we can all embrace.

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