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15 October 2009


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Barb Didrichsen


I would point you to my friend Bob Grumbine's blog: http://moregrumbinescience.blogspot.com/ . You'll find plenty there -- both in postings about climate change and links to other climate scientists' blogs or to websites maintained by reputable climate science organizations, such as RealClimate.

You'll also find good information on Michael Tobis's "Only In It For the Gold" blog -- http://initforthegold.blogspot.com/

Good luck on your school project!


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I write an essay on climate change, picking a side of the debate and arguing in its defense, for school. I want to research both arguments first but I am unable to find an article giving SPECIFIC EVIDENCE that ties human activity to climate change apart from "Scientists now agree that..."

do you know of any such articles? can you post a link?

thanks a bunch

Middle Way

For more information on the scientific evidence behind global warming, please visit my blog for links. Like yourself, I am following the Middle Way, but also have a degree in biology.

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Barb Didrichsen


Thanks for posting. I've signed up for RSS feeds for your blog -- thanks for alerting me to it.

Barb D.

Barb Didrichsen

Sounds like we have similar challenges! I'm not sure if I'll ever have the math skills to follow the scientists' data. But for those who can extrapolate that data and put it into words I can (strive to) grasp, I'm working to get there!

Barb D.


Thanks for sharing your story.

We have a few things in common: family split in their beliefs on global warming. Mine is split by politics, which like Bob Grumbine's studying-science-with-your-wallet example, appears to shape their view of climate science. And like you, I knew I didn't know much on the science when I started studying it. Though I understand a lot now, I'm still way out of my league in doing any of the mathematics. My plan is to help my daughter with her math and keep doing so each year till she's studying Calculus. Then I'll have the math background I need. (By the way, I'm here via Bob's blog too.)



Hi there - I found your site via More Grumbine Science.

I think it's great that non-scientists such as yourself are aware of the nature of science, that you know how to assess credibility and discover bias without even studying the issues deeply.

I think you might be interested in my blog - I'm a high school student, and am reading ahead on climate science as much as I can, but most of my posts are about sociology or credibility or risk management. My writing was greatly influenced by Greg Craven, but recently I'm taking a lot of inspiration from Michael Tobis and Coby Beck. Link is probably on my name.

Bob Grumbine

A nice note, as usual. I've mentioned you, and this note, over in my blog.

The matter of ignorance is annoying to everyone. We're all ignorant about an enormous amount of what is known to someone knowledgeable in that area. And, given how much is out there, we always will be. One could easily spend a lifetime (or at least a decade) becoming expert about the carbon cycle. And another lifetime on radiative transfer, another on clouds, another on remote sensing, and ... on for quite a long list, even just within climate. While it would be nice for everyone to know everything about everything, that just can't happen.

So we have to make do with something less. I would really like to see more books/blogs/... that were readable by an interested nonprofessional on climate. (Not to mention all the other interesting areas there are in the world!) And, of course, that their scientific content were reasonable. I accept that you can't lay out all the gory details fully. But you don't have to lie either (as a recent publication did in flagrantly misrepresenting the science and people it was quoting).

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