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14 July 2015


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My one experience driving in Italy wasn't especially relaxing. We rented a car to drive from Rome to Tuscany, where my mother, siblings and I stayed for a week. Since we were staying in a small village (really just a collection of several houses on a dirt road, 3 miles or so from the nearest town), we needed a car to shop for groceries, go sightseeing, etc. Fortunately, the only time spent in Rome was in getting out of the city and returning to the airport; what masters of cramming cars into tight spots its residents are! All in all, I agree, though -- I'm far happier letting the engineers, bus drivers and other professionals navigate the roads when I travel! Wish I could do that as easily in my home town :-(

Kathy Holwadel

Last week we rented a car in Italy for a little trip to Lake Como when 2 of our kids were visiting. In the 3 summers we've spent on this side of the ocean, it was a first and I was excited for the freedom I associated with being able to set our own timetables. -- It was a lovely new Fiat with plenty of leg room and all kinds of slick technology. My conclusion after a week of narrow, twisty roads, searching for parking places, planning our activities around whether or not it was a good place to take a car? Public transportation is so much more relaxing.

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